Basic nail care is mainly a matter of easy systematic procedures, and below is a list of tips that we believe will help you keep your nails looking nice and healthy:

• Prolonged submersion in water or contact with harsh detergents or chemicals can damage nail fibres and make the nails brittle. Wear rubber gloves when carrying out chores such as washing up and cleaning.

• Avoid using your nails as tools. This can cause damage to the nail and is a common cause of broken nails.

• Products that contain alcohol can make the nail brittle, strip nail varnish and soften the adhesive used for nail enhancements. Use these products sparingly which include perfumed lotions and avoid contact with the nail.

 • Make sure you get plenty calcium in your diet. Calcium will help the body produce strong nails and a good source of calcium is dairy products such as milk and cheese. Please note that some individuals are allergic to dairy products and if this is the case professional medical advice is needed.

 • Drink plently of water. If your nails are weak, splitting, or fragile the problem could be that you are not consuming a sufficient quantity of water.

• A hand massage will boost your circulation, encourage nail growth and is the perfect way to pamper yourself.