The Sweet Tooth Menu:

Crhme de la Crhme Cake:

Surrender yourself to this addiction worthy skin food. Smother this blend of pure coconut oil, decadent mango butter, rich macadamia nut oil and aloe Vera to envelop your hands and foot in a true guilt-free pleasure! Add with creamy buffer scrub and moisturizing body glaze for the ultimate dee-lite!!

It’s a Slice of Cupcake:

Happiness happens. Celebrate! Blanket your hands and feet with this blend of sweet orange and creamy vanilla. This will leave your hands and feet smooth and divine! Add with creamy buffer scrub and moisturizing body glaze for the ultimate dee-lite!!

 A treat of Pumpkin Pie:

One of our delicious new manicure and pedicure, paired with pumpkin glow scrub, pumpkin masque blend with French sugared vanilla lotion. Pumpkin naturally rich in beta carotene and active enzymes reveals younger-looking hands and feet. Be thankful for those feet that carry you everywhere, and treat your feet like a slice of pumpkin pie with freshly whipped cream!!

Chocolate Lovers' Favorite Cake:

This is for a chocoholic's dream to come true! Treat your hands or your feet! This deluxe chocolate manicure and pedicure certainly is a treat, especially for all the chocolate lovers out there. Made with French cocoa absolute and cocoa powder for 100% natural. Believe in the power of chocolate! It starts with a chocolate moisturizing syrup soak followed by the hot chocolate sugar scrub, warm chocolate renewing masque, and finally chocolate bliss cream massage.

Try this special manicure and pedicure with our special diamond scrub treatment package that has proved to be very fruitful and glamorous with all the sweet tooths out there for the price of…. KD 20